Tuesday, 16 November 2010


We've just received some amazing music stands into stock. They come from a company called RAT manufacturing, who are the market leaders in professional quality music stands in this country, having equipped most of the major concert venues and theatres in the UK - and many overseas too.

It was Robert Hodge the conductor who recently reminded me about them, saying how brilliant their Jazz stand is. You just get it out of the bag, pull it up to the height you want and there you are. All done in three moves. No knobs, screws, nuts or bolts. It will go to any angle. And more or less any height from the youngest cellist upwards. Beautifully engineered and incredibly practical.

As you might guess, the Jazz stand is not "cheap and cheerful", but we have another RAT stand, their "Scherzo", that is - only it too oozes quality. It's an incredibly lightweight folding stand in a bag, beautifully made, and weighing in at a mere 742 grams including the bag ! All that for less than twenty quid.

Oh, and one more thing....RAT Manufacturing = British Company !!