Friday, 7 September 2012

Peculiar customers

Many years ago, we started keeping a collection of tales of some of the funniest things that have happened in the shop. I came across the folder by accident this morning, and had a look. Some of the entries are hilarious. Some are so un-hilarious you wonder why anybody bothered to write them down. Some of the funny conversations with customers have been repeated so often that they’re no longer surreal, merely routine. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked if I know who wrote Pachelbel’s Canon.

Many of the best ones are telephone conversations. I remember picking up a phone call one night just after we’d closed. The voice said “Is that Mr Pullman?”
“No we don’t have a Mr Pullman. Perhaps you have a wrong number. This is Balaams Music on 766933 “
“Are you a trombonist?” asked the caller, in a baffling non sequitur.
“No I’m not..”
“Then how do you know that 766933 is Balaam’s Music ?”
“Because I am answering the phone from there”
Caller hangs up…..

No it doesn't make sense, does it?