Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Discovery !

We received the June releases from Naxos this morning, including several copies of the world premiere recording of a Violin Concerto by Respighi.

If you don't recognise the name, you may already know some of his music, for instance the lovely orchestral suite "The Birds" that used to introduce "Going for a Song" the first popular TV antiques programme. "The Pines of Rome" is another superb orchestral showpiece, worth seeking out if you don't know it already.

The violin concerto just released harks back to the writing of Vivaldi and Mendelssohn, and foreshadows the orchestral technicolour of his later works. It's the first time it has ever been recorded, and its arrival is to be warmly welcomed. There are three very attractive fillers included on the disc, a snip at £5-99 !

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


It's Bury Festival again, and therefore time for BALAAMS MUSIC SPRING SALE !!
Time to take the plunge and get 15% discount off that really big purchase you've been thinking about. Pearl Solid Silver Flutes - Roland Pianos - Yamaha Pianos & Keyboards - Tanglewood and Faith guitars - Buffet Clarinets - Tama Drum Kits and some fantastic new Trevor James Saxophones.
There are also big savings on printed music as well as accessories, as long as you spend over £20.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Miyazawa Flutes

We've been appointed dealers for Miyazawa Flutes - fabulous hand-made instruments from Japan. We're stocking the 102, 202 and 402 models, full details at
The prices reflect the quality of top-of-the-range instruments as you would expect, but we have a range of options to help any intending purchaser.
With solid silver instruments from Miyazawa, Pearl and Trevor James, we now have a fine range of top-quality flutes.