Saturday, 3 November 2012

Digital Piano Bargain of the Century !

OK, so the century's only a dozen years in, but we haven't seen anything better than this so far.

A full sized, 88-note keyboard, with Scaled Hammer Action for authentic Grand Piano feel, an incredibly realistic piano sound, in a traditional cabinet, all for £499-99.

Anyone looking for a good -quality piano, particularly parents of young learners, need look no further than the Celviano AP-220. It never needs tuning, doesn't mind the heat or the cold, and can be easily moved about by two normally fit adults without undue exertion! It can be played at unsocial hours using headphones, and has a range of voices and digital effects including transposition, pitch tuning, metronome, recording, duet mode, and, believe it or not, 16 different temperaments.

Most importantly, it's a decent piano at an absolute bargain price. Order yours now - they'll probably all be gone by Christmas!