Friday, 25 November 2011

Why a ukulele maybe the key to a happy retirement

A recent study has confirmed what we all know, that making music is the key to a happy life, particularly among the retired.

The Daily Telegraph reports that researchers found that pensioners who learned to play instruments such as the Ukulele, or who sang in choirs, enjoyed themselves more than those who took up painting or yoga, or joined book groups. They had a more positive outlook, felt more in control of their lives, and said the activity kept their minds sharp. One woman who took up music after the death of her husband, said “Singing is always uplifting, and it is difficult to be sad while playing the Ukulele”

The Telegraph illustrates this article with a picture of Marilyn Monroe playing a Ukulele. For serious students of having a good time, here she is!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Serious Bargain for a Serious Cellist

We've just received into stock an Eastman Young Master Cello. A handsome instrument in very fine tonewoods, looking just like an eighteenth century masterpiece, with a glorious sound to match. Strung with Larsen strings, it retails at £1990.

No, it's not cheap, but for one (only!) lucky buyer, that price will include an LG Chen Wood-veneered carbon-fibre bow, and a superb K2 Carbon-fibre case in the most incredible iridescent finish, making a combined total retail value of £3176 - so a total saving of £1186 !

And if it's bought for an under-18, it can go on the Take-it-Away scheme !

Is that a stampede I hear in the distance..............?