Thursday, 23 May 2013

Piano Play-Day

I've been trying to put together a few special offers for Friday's Piano Play-Day, and I think I've cracked it this time!  How about this for an offer :-

1x Privia PX 150 Piano @ £599
1x Permanent Stand for PX 150 @ £99
1x 3 Pedal Unit for PX 150 @£49
Total price £747 
Special Price (while stocks last) only £499

There will be discounts and special payment terms on all Keyboards and Digital pianos on Friday and Saturday, but if you want to ask Chris Stanbury, Casio's special demonstrator, for any technical or musical advice, come on Friday, because he's only here for the one day.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Attention Sax Players with Bad Backs !

A Standing Height Sax Stand.

We’ve just taken delivery of some new Sax Stands that can be adjusted for height. The sax is stored safely on a secure folding tripod base, at anything up to playing height for anyone up to about six feet tall. It can be used for alto or tenor sax.

Anyone with back problems could benefit from a stand like this – either by playing with the sax on the stand, or by not having to keep bending down to a conventional stand.

And it costs less than twenty pounds !

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Takemitsu Shocker !

Thursday evening saw us selling CDs in the Apex, Bury St Edmunds. The event was a fairly well-attended piano recital by Noriko Ogawa.

It's a shame the hall wasn't completely full, because her performance was wonderful. The Mozart and Beethoven would each have justified the entrance money on their own, but in the second half, this tiny, twinkling, utterly charming lady absolutely thundered through the Liszt B minor sonata, exploring the heights and depths of emotions, extremes of power and delicacy, and the absolute summit of virtuosity.  It just didn't seem physically possible.

After the performance, Miss Ogawa was kind enough to come and sign copies of the CDs that we sold, and meet the audience. First question - "do you work out at a gym? Surely you must do special exercises?" I cannot reveal the answer, because I didn't hear it, but I bet she spends more time practicing the piano than she does at the gym.

We were surprised that we sold all the copies we had of her recording of the complete piano music of Toru Takemitsu, who doesn't often feature on "Desert Island Discs".   She opened the second half with his "Rain Tree Sketch II", and it was a captivating, utterly beautiful sound world. It was so beguiling that we sold out and took orders for more.

The other sell-out was of her box set of the complete piano music of Debussy. Six CDs by a world-class artist for the price of two!

We have a number of her CDs at special prices on offer until March 16th, including her latest release of Mozart Sonatas.
Unfortunately all the signed ones have gone, but the music is utterly beautiful !

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Brilliant New PA System

Barnes & Mullins has just announced the release of two new products from Chinese PA manufacturer, Musik Yang.
The new MYamp MY100 is a lightweight vertical line array consisting of eight 3" Audio Piston speakers. The unit's features include a high-efficiency power amp providing 220 watts RMS of Class-D power; two hybrid XLR-1/4" inputs; switchable pantom power for condenser mics; -10dB switchable gain pad on each channel and folding stand and padded nylon carry bag. The MY100 weighs in at approximately 25 pounds and retails for £339.
The MY101 subwoofer is a compact, 100-watt powered sub. The unit features an adjustable gain control. adjustable low-pass crossover from 200Hz to 500Hz and comes with a mounting pole (for the MY100) and padded carry bag. The sub retails for £199.

An ideal compact PA - we have one in stock  for you to try with your favourite microphone or instrument.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Copyright Licence to save schools time and money

As I’m sure you are aware, the photocopying of printed has been a thorny problem within schools.

Music publishing is one of the few industries that does not currently issue licences to authorise the currently illegal activity of photocopying. The law is widely misunderstood, and commonly broken.

The Music Publishers Association has decided to develop a Schools Printed Music Licence. The licence authorises the making of copies or practical arrangements of printed sheet music for use in schools. It has clearly defined parameters and has been designed to legitimise current activity whilst protecting composers’ and authors’ rights.

Needless to say there are limitations to the right to photocopy:

-There is an overall prohibition on using the licence to substitute for purchase of a publication

-Schools must own a copy of any publication they copy

-Copies can only be used for school purposes and must not be used for individual or group instrumental or vocal teaching

-Borrowed or hired publications may not be copied

-Only members of staff may make copies

-Choral leaflets may not be copied

-Only 10% of the items in anthologies, albums and multi movement vocal scores can be copied

-Publishers may exclude publications if they wish

The licence is in the experienced hands of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) who have administered educational licences for nearly 30 years. The Schools Printed Music Licence will complement their existing portfolio of licences and comes into effect on 1 April 2013

The licence has already been purchased centrally by the Department for Education for all state supported schools in England thereby leaving school departmental budgets intact and allowing schools to continue purchasing sheet music. We understand that Academies are also covered by this licence, but for the avoidance of doubt, it might be best to confirm this!

Schools will be encouraged to continue purchasing music legitimately whilst new resources currently being developed by the MPA will explain to all users of printed music that photocopying and otherwise reproducing scores is illegal without an appropriate licence.