Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another Flute Giveaway !

Every now and again we have to have a move-around of stock, making way for new lines, featuring different instruments, and just creating a bit of space. This can result in some of our demonstration instruments needing to be sold off at very low prices.

Today, fortune smiles on Flute players. We have just ONE Pearl PF-525 flute for sale at half-price, that's £249 instead of £499 !

The PF-525 is a high-quality silver-plated flute with precious metal lip-plate and riser. It features French-pointed keys and pinless mechanism, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion in the mechanism. Pearl Flutes are renowned for good intonation.

This is a seriously good flute at a bargain-basement price!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Carbon Fibre Rules !

With the diminishing supplies of legal pernambuco for bows, more and more makers are turning to carbon fibre for high-quality bow making. The best examples (Arcus, Coda, Chen) are becoming popular with accomplished players and professionals. The German maker Hofner is now producing a seies of relatively inexpensive Carbon fibre and CF composite bows from about £50 upwards. They are well-balanced and robust. Certainly worth a serious look if you're hunting out a new bow.

Carbon Fibre is also becoming more and more popular for lightweight Cello cases. We've just received a very handsome lightweight (3.5kg) cello case from MMX that combines incredible strength with a very attractive appearance. It's available in a range of colours. Regrettably, even Pink has been mentioned! This sort of quality doesn't come cheap - £699 - but if you have a cherished cello, it's a fair deal for peace of mind.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Product of the Week !

Every now and then you find something that solves all sorts of little problems in a simple but effective way. It's so clever you just want to smile at it.

We've just received into stock an amazingly good violin pick-up. Extremely quick and simple to fit, and easy to take it off when you've finished with it, no damage or alterations to the instrument, produces excellent sound, AND it costs less than twenty quid !!

So bring your fiddles down and try it out - and that includes you, Mr Lakeman !

Friday, 8 October 2010


Here's an opportunity for a flute player with aspirations - a chance to buy a secondhand (but only just) Miyazawa PB202E. We've sold these new before, but this recently ourchased one belongs to a customer who has subsequently had to "reprioritise " . It's a high-quality, hand-finished Japanese flute with a solid silver head, offset G, and with E mechanism.

What sets these flutes apart is the sheer craftsmanship, providing a marvellous range of tone and dynamics.

Less than a year old, this gorgeous instrument comes in a leather covered wooden case, with the usual accessories. The current list price of this flute is £2298, but the owner is willing to take a substantial drop on the original purchase price, willing to accept £1700, a saving of nearly £600 on the original price.

It's in the shop, waiting for the lucky purchaser to try it out................