Thursday, 28 October 2010

Carbon Fibre Rules !

With the diminishing supplies of legal pernambuco for bows, more and more makers are turning to carbon fibre for high-quality bow making. The best examples (Arcus, Coda, Chen) are becoming popular with accomplished players and professionals. The German maker Hofner is now producing a seies of relatively inexpensive Carbon fibre and CF composite bows from about £50 upwards. They are well-balanced and robust. Certainly worth a serious look if you're hunting out a new bow.

Carbon Fibre is also becoming more and more popular for lightweight Cello cases. We've just received a very handsome lightweight (3.5kg) cello case from MMX that combines incredible strength with a very attractive appearance. It's available in a range of colours. Regrettably, even Pink has been mentioned! This sort of quality doesn't come cheap - £699 - but if you have a cherished cello, it's a fair deal for peace of mind.

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