Friday, 2 April 2010

Out of the Fridge

Suddenly we’re busy again! It’s as if the snow at Christmas sent our customers into hibernation, and although the snow’s long gone (fingers crossed!) they’ve stayed indoors, in the warm until the clocks have gone forward again. Yesterday customers were out in force – Yippee!- and we had a bumper day, which made a refreshing change. It has been very quiet.
The big internet sites have not been immune from the retail freeze – apparently even the mighty Amazon’s sales are down for the first time ever, according to one of our suppliers. Our own website is performing quietly in the background, providing a little extra business from around the country. I’m actually very pleased with it – there’s a gi-normous database of printed music and CDs which is kept up to date by a small workforce of gnomes (small workforce=pun, see?) in the middle of the Highlands of Scotland. They have been snowed in for most of the winter, which has been really good, as they haven’t had anything to distract them from keeping the website bang up-to-date. It’s now so good we are using it as the main reference catalogue in the shop. Saves us using a competitor’s site, which was a bit embarrassing!
Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of this hard winter by now. Here in Suffolk we’re still picking our way around the potholes in the road. Apparently the council are leaving the biggest ones so they can sell off the fishing rights later in the year.

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