Sunday, 11 April 2010

Word of Mouth

Every so often the muse of comedy – Thalia herself - passes over Risbygate Street and scatters her magic dust upon us mortals. In fact I think she likes it around here, because she does pop in on a regular basis.

Imagine the scene – a busy Saturday in a well known music shop in East Anglia. A trumpet player decides to try out the latest gizmo from a leading manufacturer. It promises to improve his tone.

Sadly, this does not appear to be the effect. Having tried an admittedly entry-level instrument without the benefit of the gizmo, we fitted it, stood back and listened for the result,.

The customer was even less impressed than I was. “That’ s S*** ! Absolute C*@p Bl**dy Useless !!!”

Having got thus far into his peroration of profanities, he then noticed the presence of two young lads with their father, and, to his credit, immediately apologised for his use of bad language in front of the children.

“Oh don’t worry” replied the father, “they’re used to it”

“Oh” said the customer, “have you got one of these as well?”

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