Friday, 28 January 2011

Awesome Power

Every now and again we get a product that is just so incredibly good at its job, you just smile.

The AER Compact 60 Acoustic Amplifier is a mere 10" x 13" x 19" and weighs just 8kg (approximately) yet it produces 60 watts of pure undistorted power through two channels. It is a seriously powerful piece of kit in a tiny box. It's just unbelievable that such a tiny box can produce so much powerful undistorted sound.

It's ideal for acoustic guitarists, in fact any acoustic instrument will work well with it, as will digital drum kits. There are digital effects on board in case you want to play around with the sound, and it comes with a specially designed carrying case. Yes, a sixty watt amplifier combo that you can sling over one shoulder!

It's hand-built in Germany, so don't expect it to be cheap, but the sheer quality -- stunning!

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